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Self Treatment




1. Some essential advise to patients before treatment.

  (Chikilsakku mumb rogikalodu chila vilapetta upadeshangal)

    Clip No. 1


2. Speeches on Self-treatment. (Malayalam)

    (swayam chikilsa engane ennu vivarikkunna speechukal)

     Clip No.6A   Clip No.6B  Clip No.6C  Clip No.6D

     Clip No.6E 

We recommend these verses (pdf) to be read on a daily basis as mentioned in this speech. Click here

More detailed verses for Jihad As-Shaytan Click here


3. More practical information for Self Treatment. (Malayalam)

 (swayam chikilsakku avashyamaaya kooduthal vivarangal)

    Clip No.1A    Clip No.1B    Clip No.2A    Clip No.2B

    Clip No.3      Clip No.4A   Clip No.4B    Clip No.5A

    Clip No.5B


4. More than 100's of cases, where we are mingling with Jinn/Shaytan.

 (Oru Musliminte jevithaththil Shaytanumaayi idapazhakunna 100 el param sannarbhangal).

    Clip No.7A   Clip No.7B   Clip No.7C   Clip No.7D Clip No.7E


5. Confirmed cases of sickness 

(Jinnukalude upadravam kondanennu sthireekaricha chila rokangal)

    Clip A     Clip B     Clip C    Clip D  


   Standard / Normal Ruqya Verses. (PDF file)  Click here



   Selected verses for Sihr (PDF file)         Click here


   Selected Verses for Mass (PDF file)       Click here


   Selected verses for Evil Eyes (PDF file)  Click here



   Ruqya for Sihr by Sh. Swalih MP3     Click here


   Ruqya for Mass by Sh. Swalih MP3    Click here


   Ruqya to Punish the Jinn by Sh. Swalih MP3  Click here



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Dr. Zubair - Eranamkulam. Mobile. (Now not Available in India)


Br. Hussain Mannani, atTrivandrum, Ernamkulam, Palakkad,

              Manjeri, Kozhokode, Kasargode. Mobile. 860 607 1364


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Br. Safwan, Alappuzha. Mobile. 8089672791


Br. Shihabudeen Thodupuzha Mobile. 9544362673/8075205069


Br. Jinas Chandiroor, Aroor - Mobile. 9061451345


Br. Anas Kalamasderi Mobile. 9895911251


Sh. Ahmedullah Quraishi. Bangalore

                                                       Mob. 9611299928 /

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   http://salafi.in/ruqiya.html - Ruqya Centre in Bangalore, India


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   http://www.alroqya.com/- The Site of the Healer with the    License of the Ministry of Religion, Saudi Arabia.


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   http://www.benhalimaabderraouf.fr/v1/index.php/en/ A ruqah Group network over 30 countries based in France)








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         Basics Audios & Notes



Basics of Jinn, Their Abilities and weakness, Jinn Possession, Sihr, enmity to Human

    (Jinn, Jinn Bhadha, sihr enee vishayaththilulla adisthana vivarangal)

    1. Basics                            Clip A                           Note

    2. Abilities and Weakness  Clip A   ClipB           Note

    3. Jinn Possession             Clip A  Clip B  Clip C      Note

    4. Sihr (Black Magic)         Clip A   Clip B  Clip C      Note

    5. Enmity to Humans         Clip A   Clip B  Clip C      Clip D

                                            Clip E  Clip F  Clip G  Clip H  Note

    6. Ruqya and its proofs     Clip A   Clip B  Note A   Note B

    7. Talking and Dawa to Jinn    Clip A     Note A

    8. Beating the Jinn in Ruqya    Clip A    Note A

    9. Identification of Jinn sickness is possible only by


         No. This is a baseless claim. Clip  A   Note A

    10. Allowable and non-Allowable in Ruqya 

                                                    Clip A   Clip B     Note

    11. Exiting Jinn from Human body is Khaas for Rasool(S)!

         No. This is also a baseless claim 

                                                   Clip A   Clip B    Clip C   Note

    12. Verses that can be used for discussion and dawa to Jinns

         during ruqyah PDf file please click here



       Books (PDF)





1. Muqya Shatru by Dr. Uthman Sahib (R)  Click here


2. Jinn, Shaytan, Sihr by Basheer Maulavi  Click here


3. Jolsyam Islamika vidhi Sh. Ibn Baaz(R)  Click here Click here


4. Hypnotism - Yadarthyamenth? by. S.A Hakeem Click here


5. Suraksha by Bin Sadhan (tr. Haneef Pulliparamb) Click here


6. Musliminte Raksha Kavacham by S.Al Qahtani Click here





7. The world of Jinn and Devil DR. O. Alasqar Click here


8. Ibn Taymiyah's Essay on the Jinn . Dr. B.Philips  Click here


9. Jinn and Human Sickness By. I. Khaleel    Click here


10. Protect Your self  Click here    Arabic Click here


11. Sword against Black Magic Click here   Arabic Click here


12. Al-Furqaan by Sh. Al- Islam Ibn Taimiya (R)  Click here


13. Golden Fatwas in Faith Heeling - Major Scholars  Click here


14. Fatwa on Medicine and Ruqya - Bilad Al-Haram Click here


15. Medicine of the Prophet(S)- Ibn Al-Qayyim(R)  Click here


16. Talbees Iblees - Ibn Al-Qayyim(R)   Click here


17. Shytan whisper and Cure - Ibn Uthaimeen(R)   Click here


18. Correct Common Mistakes - A.S. Baaly  Click here


19. The Satan - ways he misleading     Click here


20. Cure From Black Magic M. Saleem Dhorat   Click here


21. Interviews by Dr. Bilal Philips with some Raqees.


     Interview 1   Interview 2   Interview 3   Interview 4


     Interview 5   Interview 6   Interview 7





22. Aalamul Jinn wa Shaytan - O.S. Ashqar  Click here


23. Wiqayatul Insan - A.S. Baaly   Click here


24. Sarim Al Battar - A.S. Baaly    Click here


25. Fatawa Tib - Saudi Scholars  Click PartA      Part B


26. Makayid As-Shaytan    Click here


27. Akamul Marjan  Click here


28. Al Furkaan - Ibn Taiymiya  Click here


29. Ighathaul Hafaan - Ibn Al Qayyim  Part A   Part B   Part C


30. Hukum Sihr wa Kahana - Sh.Ibn Baaz  Click here


31. Ruqya wa Ahkaamuha - Shiekh Salih Aalu Sheikh  Click here


32. Ruqya As-Shareyyah - Dr. Jaraisy  Click here


33. Thahseen min Kaydi Shaytan     Click here


34. FathAl-Haqq   Click here


35. Qawlul Mubeen-1   Click here


36. Qawl Mubeen-2  Click here


37. Munkarathul Inssaan   Click here


38. Manhaj Ilaah   Click here


39. Qawaedh Al-Mathali   Click here


40. Saaek Al-Mursalah  Click here


41. Manhal Al-Maeyeen  Click here


42. Fawaqih Dawaane   Click here











FAQ (Frequently asked Questions)


    1. Ruqyah is tawqeefiyya... Speech No. Speech No.1 and Speech No.2

   2. Proofs for reciting Quran on Water  Proof Note PDF.   Reading these Notes