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Islahies of Kerala Al-Baniyyah
Ashaera in Kerala Reception

A Basic ideas and History of the deviated sects and ideologies


1. Introductory Speech  Clip A (Note covering all the below Click Here)


2. Khawarij (Hijre 37)  Clip B


3. Murjias (H 80)    Clip C


4. Muatazila (H.109)    Clip D


5. Qadariyya / Jabariyyah (H 100 -110)    Clip E


6. Jahmiya (H.130)    Clip F


7. Shia (H 40)    Clip G


8. Soofiyyah (H. 100's)    Clip H


9.Islahies (Jamaludeen Afghani (H.1254), Muhammad Abdu (H.1265) and Rashid Ridh (H.1354)   Clip I


10. Bahai (H 1260) - Chekanoorism Clip J


11. Ikhwanism - Clip K



How these ideologies spread in the whole world so quickly?


Please hear Clip L



Modern Islahies under the mask of Salafiyya (Mujahids)


1. A historical link of Mujahids to Islahies   Clip N


2. Examples of deviation in Mujahids, Sunnies and Maududies..


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Kerala Mujahid's Jahalath in


Jinn, Sihr and Ruqya..



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Kerala Sunnies (Ashaera + Shahif Madhab) / Tableegues


1. Ashaera for Aqeedah and Shafie Madhab.. Why?  Clip M


1. Histories of Maududiyya  Clip O




Duplicate Salafiyya / Albaaniyyah.

In sha Allah, we will post the deviation of Imam Albany from the original ways of Salafiyya..  Please click here