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  Whom we are?  


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Whom we are?

This online Islamic Center in the address of www.daarussalaam.com is owned and operated by a Family Charitable Trust named Daarussalaam Islamic Educational and Cultural Charitable Trust. (Regd.99/2012/IV). We are from Chembrasseri (Village and Post), Pandikkad (Panchayath and Via), Malappuram District, Kerala State, South India. Pin-676 521

We are students of Deenul Islam inclined to the aqeedah and manhaj of Salaf As-Salih and we follow The Kitab and Sunnah in the way understood and transmitted through the Imam and pious scholars from The First Three Generations,  Imams of 4 Madhabs, Sh. Al Islam Ibn Taimiya and his students, Imam Ibnul Qayyim and his students, Imam Muhammad Bin Abdul Wahab and his great offsprings and Students, Sh. Ibn Bazz, Sh.Ibn Uthaimeen, Scholars of Lajnatu-Daayimah and Committee of Big Scholars of K.S.A. (May Allah Bless all of them died and May Allah Preserve those living) These chains of Scholars are from same schools and their understanding is more close to Kitab wa Sunnah than any others either of old or new scholars.

We do not belong to any sects / groups / firqas available in Kerala OR elsewhere; we will co-operate with all of them in goodness and will not co-operate in thing. To make it more clear, we are following the Scholars of Kingdom of Saudia Arabia and Its Scholars Associations (www.alifta.com) and we are NOT FROM Duplicate Salafies from the Students of Imam AlBaani / Dammaj of Yemen / Rabea Team / Al-Halabi Team; we have well refuted their mistakes as indicated by the Scholar's Association of KSA. Please visit here    


Our Mission

Our mission is Exposing, helping to understand, warning, about the strategies of The Shaytan (Satan, The Cursed) and his helpers from Jinn and Human, sharing the knowledge from the Books and Articles of Salafs and of those followed them in different era and thus guiding people to the Final Destination. Daarussalaam

The library and part of Ruqya section are in English. The speeches are in Malayalam (Kerala) language and are intended to the people of Kerala living across the globe.

The material and speeches can be used for only good purpose and we leave the matter to Allah - As-Samee, Al-Baseer, Al-Azeez and Al-Qawiyy - who is watching us all.


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